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  1. Guest
    Wich DVD author program supports 5.1 ac3??
    DVDit PE does not seem to do the trick.. !? (Only 2channnels)

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  2. SpruceUp can do it. The problem is finding a 'working' copy. Try seaching via KazZa, E-Donkey, Bearshare or another peer2peer app.
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  3. Guest
    I have Spruceup, but I always end up with a bluescreen everytime i use my DVDrom when Spruce is installed. (Doesn't help to uninstall either.)
    (Format c: is the only solution it seems... )
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  4. I think spruce requires that ASPI be installed. Have you tried installing/reinstalling you ASPI driver?

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  5. Guest
    Reinstalling the latest ASPI would'nt help.
    Installing XP did the trick though.

    What seems to be the problem with ME then? Any ideas?
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  6. I'm trying to stop myself from answering this question with the arbitrary," IT SUCKS", response. In an effort to maintain my civility I'll just say this. Windows ME was rushed to market. As a result it suffered considerably from crashes, hangs, and hardware compatibility issues. In short ME should have been a beta.

    XP is the first OS from MS that I have used that has impressed me on its first release.
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  7. Me's weaknesses is not a strange thing. In fact, you should be aware of it, as it is a home OS, built around the win95/98 engine.

    XP's advantage is it's built upon WinNT's stronger stacks, protected memory space, services, demons, emergency subrutines and a long list.

    XP Pro is just as strong as win 2000 and NT, while adding a nicer GUI, and a better PNP support.

    Me's never been intended for professional use. Period.
    In this industry, Sadly, The future was yesterday.
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