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  1. Can ANYONE tell my how to fix the sound when converting a dvd to DIVX using DVDx. For some reason the sound is off by at least a second and the video is sketchy at times. I can convert to VCD perfectly. Im trying the next step and I need lots of help.

    P.S. on the DVD to Divx guide, they don't give any problem senarios so I can't figue the proplem Thanks!
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    Use the new DVDX2.0 version
    what codec did you use?
    I recommerd Divx5.02 Basic and the mpeg layer III radium codec (fraunhofer)
    or you just make the video file without audio stram export it to ac3 with DVDX2.0 open the generated AVI with Virtual Dub 1.4.10 and convert the export ac3 fileto a wave file using headac3towave and open this file in Virtual Dub and make a multiplexing,
    read the Virtual Dub Guide on

    Why does nobody can help with the DVDX Tool???????????????????
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