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  1. Somebody please explain me this....
    Installed W2K and tried to Use smartripper or any other ripper and i get a message..."no Aspi adapter found" so they dont work...!
    Using WinME with exactly the same hardware configuration everything works fine!

    And another thing.
    Is there any other prog instead of FlaskMpeg which does the same job?
    Please fast answers i'm ugry
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    AFAIK there is no ASPI drivers in Win2K, as it is (somehow) supported in the OS. That doesn't help when programs still want ASPI though.

    Do a search on (your favourite search engine goes here) for "ASPI32 Win 2000" or something like it. I found and tried drivers from Nero/Ahead (sorry for not having the link handy) which sorted out my problems...

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