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    the problem is: when i watch a video with premiere 6, i have a cracking noise on the sound,that noise is regular, but i don't have that noise when i watch that video with the windows media player. how can i change that?
    thank you
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  2. ummm, try this it might work

    load the video
    do you see where the audio track is....
    to the left there is a box to expand the audio (to see the wave pattern)
    expand the track
    now if you click on the wave (it should place a red dot)
    and create a line and click again on the other end of the audio ( go from left to right )

    what I am really trying to tell you is you can lower the volume on the audio, it sounds like a hard thing to do when you can just turn it down so to speak, but what you are really doing is cutting off some of the peaks and hopefully the noise your getting is in the higher peaks (the ones you cut off )

    if you need more help feel free to email me
    title it "prem6 help"

    "Hail to the King, Baby"
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