Still Image Capture for Free in Windows XP

Many people would like to capture still images from their DV camera, webcam, or other device for projects. This guide will show you how to capture stills in any valid Windows XP imaging device including Firewire DV cameras. Note: this is only for Windows XP Home and Pro.

Software Needed: Webcam Timershot powertoy application (freeware)

1) Download the Timershot application and install.

2) Turn on your capture device. If it is a DV camcorder, plug into a Firewire cable into the camera and then turn the camera on. Windows XP should recognize the camera with a chime.

3) Run Timershot (by default Start > All Programs > Powertoys for Windows XP > Timershot). Your capture device should be listed under Device: - if it is not make sure it is installed as a valid Windows XP capture device with the Control Panel Scanners & Cameras applet. You can press the >> button to get more settings.

4) Get the image you want on your capture device Manually seek on the tape to the still you want and pause. Click on the camera icon to snap your picture - continue to snap as desired, and you are set.