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  1. Anyone here have any opinions/experiences with this card?
    I couldn't find much info about this card on the net.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. hi,

    i have been using this card for about two month now. innitially i have a lot of problems to capture smooth video. have learn alot since i found this site. so this i can say about this card:

    1. system: at least pentium3 667Mhz with fast & big hd.
    2. make sure that non of the video, capture and sound card will share hardware irq.
    3. better to make new hardware profile that only contain most necessary item for the job. (go to system --> hardware profile copy the existing profile & rename it to something unique. then reboot using new profile then u can delate hardware item that do not needed for the job and restart.

    u can capture to mpeg direct using supplied "cineplayer vdr" with good result, thast later on can be improoved using VirtualDub + TMPEG or other encoding programs.

    hope this will help

    good luck
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  3. Thanks for that info.
    Could you tell me what the maximum resolution and frame rate you can achieve capturing with this card?
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  4. Whoops, forget my last post. I just found out that the card is listed in the capture card list
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