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    I ripped a DVD to CD using a res of 720x576 & 704x576 using CQ mode in Tmpgenc.

    Plays great on my computer but on the standalone flashes green??

    If I lower the resolution to VCD then plays ok on the standalone.

    Anyone got any ideas??
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    someone must know this??
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    If its a vcd it has to be a VCD rez, if its svcd it has to be a svcd rez, but I don't think this is really the correct group for this. Settop players are very specific about the rez of your files... also do you know for sure you player supports VCD?
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    Flaystus-There are things called Xsvcd & Xvcd`s,

    My player plays just about anything, except Mpeg 1 and higher seems.

    Back to Mpeg2
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  6. What data rate did you use to encode. Its quite possible your player simply cant read the CD quick enough to get the data off in the required time. DVD's have a much more dense data storage and so dont need to be spun as fast to read the same amount of data (if you see what I mean), so try a lower data rate, it might fix it!
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  7. My DVD 710 can play MPEG1 at 704 x 576 and 720 x 576 just fine as long as the videobitrate does not exceed 2520.

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