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  1. Hi, Just got the player last week and really impressed with it. Sounds good and looks good. I am new to vcd but have managed to make a small vcd from my home movies which plays great. I have tried to do the same with some jpeg images but when i try and play the vcd on the napa it says the disk is ok but then nothing happens. I am using nero 5.x to do my burning. Can anyone help plz.

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  2. I haven't got a Napa myself, but a friend has, and he tells me that it's only VCD 1.0 compliant. Most photo VCD software (such as winonCD 3. require VCD 2.0 .

    Maybe that is the issue
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  3. Cheers m8 for the reply. The manual does say its vcd 1.0 and 2.0 compliant though so i dont think thats the problem
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