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  1. Hi!

    I have a lot movies here which I want to convert from DivX to VCD to play on my Yamakawa. I've tried TMPGenc - worked great, but it takes so much time. So I've downloaded Cinemacraft but no resizing - argh! So I've used Xing but Encoding fails, I've set all stream parametres and hit Encode and then it says "Bad AVI Format". The Movies are as said above coded in DivX, the Codec is properly installed... any solution?


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  2. Xing isnt great to use anyway, its fast, yes, but the quality is very poor and has lowsy compatibility. If you want, try Virtual dub and convert the audio to .wav format and try with that instead of the Divx's audio.

    Why not try to use Tmpgenc with a Fast or Fastest setting if you want more speed.
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    On 2001-08-03 08:43:33, lazyjones wrote:
    ...Cinemacraft but no resizing - argh!
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    Use Avisynth, VirtualDub or TMPGEnc to add filters, resize inlcuded.
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