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  1. Hi

    I have finally achieved a smooth properly synced SVCD with TMPGEnc12i. I know this having encoded about 20 seconds of the SVCD and burnt it to disc and it plays perfectly in my standalone player.

    However, when I leave TMPGEnc encoding the full thing it moves along fine until it gets to anywhere between about 10-25% then it starts to slow and the harddisk begins to chirp and chudder. Eventually TMPGEnc stops responding or the whole computer locks up with the harddisk left like a gibbering wreck!

    The mov video I am encoding is only 6mins long and earlier in the week was happily encoding the full thing, only the SVCD didn't work properly in my DVD player. I still have 1GB left on my harddisk, the same as earlier when it worked. It doesn't always crash in the same spot either...

    Any ideas???Please?? I'm nearly there!!
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  2. I was having similar problems all of the sudden with version 12h. I switched to 12a from the tools section and am not having any more problems.
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