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  1. Hi everyone~ I'm a newbie in capturing and I've got some problems while converting VHS to VCD. I've got a VHS recorded in long-play (LP) mode. After converting to VCD format, the speed of the video is 1 time faster than normal. There's no problem in audio and converting short-play vhs. So how can I make the mpg file back to normal speed? Is there any software can solve such problem? Thanks!
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  2. I havent heard of this before... I've made VHS recordings at all speeds, SP, LP, and EP, and I haven't had any problems... cause if you have your vcr connected to your capture card, it should display on the computer as it does on a tv screen, which would be normal speed...
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  3. I had this kind of problem to.
    with virtualdub I have changes in video speed and audio sync in the captured video.

    With AVIO_IO I've never had this kind of problems.
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  4. It does display on the computer as it does on a tv screen, the problem only occurs after recording as mpg file...
    Sorry rajalev, what is AVIO_IO?
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