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  1. JoJo !!

    I Registered my to say following to some People they say`s the Playstation 2 won`t play VCD`s .

    The PlayStation 2 play`s a VCD Stream not a VCD Standart Stream but it works.

    << Here >> is a Tut but its only in France

    and << Here >> you Can load this Software Package the are only Freeware in there .

    Look at this / I`m from a German Forum and People say yes it works *g*

    CU HolLloZ !!
    +# HolLloZ OuthA PfalZ #+
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  2. Even by that tutorial (ITS IN SPANISH btw, not France since that's not even a language)

    Its doen'st PLAY VCD's. Please know the difference. IT plays converted mpg streams to use the Sony PS2's own mpeg decoding software, hence YOU're TURNING the mpg you create into a PS2 file that IT can understand. ITS NOT a VCD by any common standard.

    Just proves again, that IT CANNOT play vcd's. It plays ITS OWN movie files, as even demonstrated that you need another "tool' to convert it ot that particular file.
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  3. hi !!

    uups , I try it to translate in the next days to English and Host this on my
    Side !!

    I wrote that`s not a Standart VCD Stream , but thats the way the play your own VideoStreams on the PS2 .

    And now i change the HeadLine of the Thread

    CyA HolLloz
    +# HolLloZ OuthA PfalZ #+
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  4. Anyone who wants to read it in English, go to and use their translate feature
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  5. Hi !!


    CU HolLloZ !!
    +# HolLloZ OuthA PfalZ #+
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