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  1. Just my 2 pennies on this,

    1) QT 5 mov file CAN be read by Tmpgenc. You have to have QT Pro and Media Player installed
    2) VPC 4.0.2/Tmpgenc CAN read > 2Gig files in a shared folder. YES it takes 1 hour for 1 min!! I am now trying a PC running Tmpgenc connected to the Mac
    3) From imovie the best is to export to iDVD
    4) VCDImager for the bin creation

    Results: Fantastic
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  2. I have QT and Media Player installed on my VPC (4.0.2). However, TMPGEnc (v12i) cannot read my quicktime files over 2 GB. For files under 2 GB though, your process works great. Oh yeah, all my quicktime files are on a shared folder.
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  3. Yes, it DOES work for files over 2 GB. Just make a copy/paste of the movie into a new player and save it with allow dependencies. And despite many info found here, Tmpgenc 12i works very well even under W95!!! (I did not try VCDImager yet on VPC/Win95).

    I hope it helps.
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