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  1. Right now i'm using ATI's Radeon 64MB card, and whenever macrovision comes up my capture freezes. I read the other posts and I've tried all the tweaks, but nothing works. So I was thinking of getting a different capture card. Which of these cards is macrovision free or has a macrovision free hack?

    WinTV Cards
    PinnacleSys Cards
    or others

    It would really help me out alot! THANX IN ADVANCE!!!
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  2. Your ATI card only see macrovision-1 signal.
    You can get a copyguard box ( $29 to $49 ) and get rid of the problem.
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  3. I'm curious about the question because I may be missing something. Are you playing a DVD on your computer, and your card freezes? Or are you capturing a DVD as it plays, and the signal into your video-in is giving your card fits?

    The reason I ask is that the only reason I can figure on getting Macrovision to freeze your card is if you're playing a DVD on your computer. DVD ripping is too convenient if you're trying to backup your DVDs, rather than capturing. If it's DVD ripping you're after, checkout the "DVD RIP" in the How To section over to the left of this page.

    OK, there's one last thing I didn't think of. Maybe you're talking about a VCR capture?

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