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  1. I noticed in smartripper there is a 'video-info' section in the input screen It lists the following information for a movie I'm ripping:

    Compression: MPEG-2
    TV System: NTSC
    Aspect ratio: 4:3
    Rsolution: 720x480

    It also lists the folling data rate information in the 'Total Selection' section

    minDatarate: 748 KB/s
    maxDatarate: 2235 KB/s
    avgDatarate: 795 KB/s

    Should I use these settings in TMPGenc when encoding? Logic would say I should, but what's logic got to do with any of this...

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. Well in answer to my own question. I tried the settings from my first post. Specifically the VBR MIN/MAX/AVG settings and what I got was a blocky,aliasing mess.

    One last thing. I'm using TMPGenc 12 Beta H. I did read someplace that the only version that seemed to work with VBR as beta 12 or 12a. Can anyone shed some light on the TMPGenc versions and which to use.

    Best Regards,

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  3. I don't have experience with Smartripper. But I assume the video bit rates you mentioned are byte, not the bit used in TMPGEnc, so your average 795KB/sec in TMPGEnc would be about 6400 kb/sec, it's exactly what the DVD movie bit rate.

    Those bit rates can't be direct used in TMPGEnc, for VCD, use 1150 kb, for SVCD, use 2400kb or so. look through other posts for more info about bit rate setting in TMPGEnc.
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