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    Ok, so i managed to rip the ac3 audio from a DVD, but i am not sure how
    i make i work on my standalone DVD.

    What needs to be done to the AC3 file before burning? (If anything) Should i burn it as an AUDIO cd? (I only want the AC3 audio on the cd.)

    I tried to burn the AC3 wav directly lika a AUDIO CD, but i get no sound
    and no indication on my amplifier that it would be a digital audio stream.
    (Everything is connected the right way.)
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  2. 1) Either burn in DVD format (UDF/iso9660 bridge mode), if your player supports miniDVD, which it most likely wont.

    2)Either use an app like BeSweet convert AC3 to wav formst, then burn as audio CD

    3)Use BeSweet, convert AC3 to mp3 and author as regular data CD, and play as mp3 through your DVD player if your player supports mp3s.
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