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  1. Hi,

    I have a wierd issue. TMPGenc would not open Premiere 6.0 exported AVI file. Yes, I use the Microsoft DV compressor in Premiere export function. No matter what I try TMPGenc would not open the AVI file, It says there is error or corrupted file?
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  2. ok,

    Lets try this again. Anyone using TMPGenc to make MPEG2 files from Premiere 6 exported AVI? Any problems or it just works (as I expected it to work)?
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  3. Guest
    I have done it a few times, and it has always worked fine. Just make sure you are keeping it as a DV-AVI file so you dont lose quality.

    I usually just use AVISynth to frameserve from Premiere to TMPGenc. I know some people say the quality is lower this way, but it works great for me. Also, it saves the intermediate steps which for me is a big plus.
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  4. Ok, I am also having the same problem in converting a DV AVI file exported from Premiere 6.0 to MPEG2 in TMPGEnc Version beta12h.

    I capture all my footage using the DV500 Capture Card and export the time line using the preset "Pinnacle DV PAL" option.

    When I import this into TMPGEnc I'll either get the following error after I make a few changes in the settings, leave the screen then return to it or start encoding:

    At address 0215DB4A, Read error occured against address 0215DB4A.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this. Frankly I'm getting sick of not being able to use TMPGEnc when everyone else raves about how good it is

    Currently I'm stuck with using the Ligos Premiere DV500 plugin for my SVCDs and other exports and it's is B L O C K Y !


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  5. I don't know if that is the same problem as converting from an MPJEG codec, but I'd give a try at the same proposed solution. Take a look at
    And let us know how it goes.
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  6. Thanks pdaldegan,

    That thread that you suggested talked about two things, using TMPGEnc12a and changing the priority of your AVI's in the options.

    I have indeed already changed the priority of the AVI and that at least allows me to open the AVI file where before it didn't. That doesn't seem to be the problem how ever for causing the program to crash with that error message I mentioned earlier.

    It seems that TMPGEnc12a might be worth a shot but I have this question... TMPGEnc12a is quite old now in comparison to how many updates there have been... is the quality of exporting an MPEG2 file using TMPGEnc12a going to differ from say using the latest version?


    Fred Snerk.
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  7. Whoo hoo, playing with the TMPGenc codec priority fixed it. Now TMPGenc can open Premiere 6 exported AVI files. Here is what settings allowed this:

    AVI VWF compatibility reader --> -1
    AVI2(openDML)file reader ------> -1

    all other plug-ins/readers ----> 0
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