These are the Problem I have had and fixed them ALL. I hope they Might fix any problems. You have.I have A P2 400 I'm just doing VCD not SVCD. I was getting pop's in the sound when I was burning my VCD. I found out i had a bad 32meg stick. I took it out now I have one 64 and one 32 stick pc100 every thing works but I want more memory so i went to best buy lest week and bout 384 megs I work get the brand but it has a plastic case and the paper inside was red. with 384 after 8 minutes i was getting frame drop's I took out one stick no frame drop's did get some frame drop some where in recording 4 hour or 7th hour do not know i was sleeping. "NOw never do this" Never install Yahoo pager or any thing that become part of internet explorer how it make it own bar. Like Imeshor some thing. even when i close it yahoo pager. I was getting frame drop's. I even unstalled it and cleaned the Registy still messed up. So i formated. ALL is good in VCD land. But Best buy had a nother Memory sale with PNY PC 100 and PC133. I use PC100 with my old ram i bought from best buy my old 64 meg wicth is one side ram did not work so i could only use 256. after about 4 to 7 hour frame drop's like i said before. Well I went best return the ram i bought and got PNY PC100 no problem's no drop's in frame the only problem I still have wicth is not big deal for some reason if i hit record I miss frame I wait until it hit 1% then stop then hit it again no problem's. So if you have problem's Check your ram on you mother board!!!!!!!