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  1. Is there any way to convert a ntsc mpeg to pal.

    I selected the option in nero, but it didn't work, only the menu was pal.

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  2. worked out how to do it, you just use TMPGEnc.

    Does anyone know the correct settings.

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  3. I'm in the middle of an pal to ntsc with TMPGe. Will let you know. I went to the settings tab and loaded the ntsc template and the output shows ntsc. It's just 525 lines versus 625 lines for pal. So hopefully this will work.
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  4. going from ntsc->pal or pal->ntsc, you can't just change the resolution etc. if you just change the templates, you'll get quite a distorted image, it'd be the same as if you're taking a 352x288 jpg image in photoshop and resizing it to 352x240. if going from ntsc -> pal, you *could* add 22pixel bars on the bottoms making it "widescreen" and preserving your proportions.
    in terms of the frame rate, i've never done it myself so i'm not sure, but i don't think the eye can tell the difference really between 25 and 29.97fps. altho, if going from ntsc->pal, your movie will gain i dunno, 30 seconds or so because of the added frames. with that, i'm wondering if the audio will get desynched more and more as the movie goes on? i dunno, don't do nearly as much vcd editing as svcd anymore...
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  5. Okay finished up the conversion with two pal mpegs. No a/v synch problems, no vid distort. It is in widescreen now however. All I did was load the template in tmpge and left everything else alone. With a 650 or so mb file it took about 3 1/2 hours. Beautiful results.
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    Been trying to get a clean conversion for some time now. Still haven't succeeded. Just altering the settings in TMPG doesn't do the trick: if you just convert the flic from NTSC to PAL, it appears to work OK, but if you look better, you'll notice that every second, there's a small freeze (this ofcourse because NTSC is 29,97 fps and PAL is 25 fps, so during the conversion TMPG just "adds" some frames every second). Resulting in a rather jerky playback in scenes with lots of motion. Does anyone know how to work around this?
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