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  1. hi , i have dilemma. i have MGI VIdeoWave and Premier 6 installed on my system. I capture from a Sony DV.

    Would the quality of the captured avi change depending on what program i use? or is it solely dependent on the card (the card does the capturing and the programs only handle the resultant avi ??) ?
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  2. All captures use the same capture driver so, theoretically, the output should be the same. Any difference depends on the codec used to compress and store the AVI. If they're using the same one of those as well, you should get exactly the same thing.

    Having said that, I'd still do a test run on both and compare the results. You may find one program is more CPU hungry ( or just less efficient ) and you get more frame drops with one of them.

    Like most other things with this video capture/convert caper, try it and see what works best for you.

    Have fun,
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  3. DV capture program COPY data from DV tape, NOT capture. This is COPYING without ANY extra compression, therefore you get EXACTLY the same results with any DV capture app.
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