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  1. Hi all,

    I recently tried to convert a clip from Video to VCD.

    The film clip was on Model Boating (so the view pans pretty fast to try to follow the action). After capturing the the footage on AVI file and converted it to VCD format. I view the VCD on TV and noticed that there were many vertical little rectangles on the bottom of my clip (the top half of the clip is a sky and and bottom half of the clip is water - a fair bit of ripples). My question is if the little rectangles were due to the fact that I have reached the limit of VCD format? or if I have done something wrong through the convertion process? or If there's something I can do (like run a filter or something onthe clip before burning). I used VirtualDub and TMPGEnc. Thanks.
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  2. I had exactly the same probelm with a capture of a program about sharks. I'm pretty sure it was just the limits of the vcd standard. It looked great when converted to mpeg2 or even mpeg1 at higher, non-standard bitrate.
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  3. Oh yes, rippled water and rains are hard for MPEG-1 to handle, the rectangles you saw are called macro blocks and it's MPEG-1 limitations.
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  4. Thank you all for the feed back and confirmation. Cheers!
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  5. Enabling the "Soften block noise" option on TMPGEnc's Quantize matrix tab might help a bit. So could running noise reduction filters (e.g. Temporal Smoother and Smart Smoother) and/or capturing in a higher resolution, adaptively deinterlacing (if necessary), and resizing.

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  6. if ur player can handle it i reccomend bumping up the bitrate, this will help ALOT.
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