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  1. are there any hacks for this DVD Player for play All Zones?

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    I just bought a used sd-2700U from Goodwill for only $5! Sweet...

    ....except now I am seeing that it will ONLY play NTSC (and also only region 1 or no encoding).

    I've spent a couple hours on this forum searching/reading as well as on the 'net in general, and *supposedly* this player can be made "region free" using a hack at link below for a Toshiba SD220e.

    This link here tells to go to the sd220e page:

    This link has a bunch of info/discussion on the sd220e hack that is supposed to also work on a sd2700 according to above:

    Note that the 2700 can be made to display some info about it by starting up and pressing Zoom, 6, 0, 6, Zoom.

    Mine shows this:

    BOOT ROM: V1.30
    MAIN ROM: V1.200 - R1

    None of the links in that thread above where the firmware/etc upgrade is mentioned actually exist anymore however, but I googled around and found it here:

    I was able to create the upgrade CDR using the RAR that I downloaded/expanded/burned, but all it does when run in my player is show screens that say this:
    NABE /6
    The wizard

    Then it shows a new screen that says "FIN"; suggesting that the upgrade is done.

    However nothing at all has changed with my player. It still will ONLY play NTSC formatted discs. And it will not play anything coded for regions other than 0 or 1. And rechecking the system info nothing has changed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for making a SD2700U play back PAL? And as added gravy also multi-regions?

    I really need it to play PAL as I have very many PAL formatted discs, but could live without multi-region if need be. Just to be able to have it playback NTSC AND PAL would be great. Any ideas???
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    Congratulations on digging up a 12 year old thread to add to it. If your goal was to NOT actually get help and make enemies here, then well done. Since you almost never post, I'll point out that we generally prefer you leave these old threads alone, especially since this one was pretty worthless (nobody ever responded), and just make a new thread with your questions. No, you're not the champ of the longest time between posts in one thread, but you're close.

    My best friend had a Toshiba DVD player from that time, but I don't remember the model. Their US players at the time were pretty infamous for not playing VCD and SVCD, not being able to play PAL DVDs at all, and not being able to be made region free. The disc may not work because it's possible that the hack only works on players sold in other parts of the world due to hardware differences between those and North American models. It's also possible that it did work in the past on your player, but you had to have a different firmware version to get it to work. Nobody here will have any idea what firmware might make it work or whether you'd even be able to find it or install it. Some players won't let you downgrade firmware at all.

    In all seriousness, if you want region free in this date and age, the only safe course of action is to buy one from a seller known to sell region free players like
    and a few others. It's a miracle that your 12 year old player works at all. I wouldn't expect anything sold for $5 at Goodwill to be good for your purpose or to last very long after you buy it.
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