I recently download a movie (Crouching Tiger) that was in MPEG-1 format. It's 2 files, and seems to be a direct VCD rip, as each disc begins with a CD-i splash.

Now here's the weird part. On the first disc, after the splash animation, there is a teaser for Charlie's Angels. No big deal...but after the teaser is over, it jumps into about the 2nd minute of the movie. At first I just thought that the MPEG file had somehow been spliced, but if I stop the MPEG while it's playing back and rewind it, it'll show the first two minutes of the movie that were covered up by the teaser. So in other words, the teaser and the movie are both there in full, but the teaser somehow is overlapping the beginning of the movie. The same thing happens on the 2nd CD with the splash animation and the movie.

Any thoughts? I'd like to burn both parts to CD-R and play them on a DVD player, but if it's going to be messed up like that, I don't want to burn them.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!