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  1. i made an mpeg file from divx, i used winsubmux to add subtittle
    to the mpeg.
    but when i open the mpeg with the subtittle, the tscv ask for another
    file with vfapi-avi extention.
    what do i need to do ?

    2. after i make the mpeg with chosebale subtittle, where can i
    test the sub if its ok ?

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    TSCV ask for the *vfapi.avi if you want to use the preview at the chapter tab. You can disable this option at the settings tab. If you want to use it, convert a dvd2avi project or your MPEG with VFAPIconv to a pseudo avi (*vfapi.avi). Check the tool section.
    2. Only few standalone DVD players can play selectable subtitles.
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