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  1. I read somewhere that someone wrote 5 minutes or something to a cdr of Mpeg2 quality.

    I have a 2 minute video feature that I could render in DVD MPEG2 quality that I would love playback on a DVD player (Standalone).

    Is this possible? With what software?
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  2. you would have to use the miniDVD format to do this at DVD quality, there should be a how to on this site.

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    Well...even if you go through all the hassle to make a miniDVD it won't play on your standalone. You can use the DVD template in TMPEnc to make an MPG2 compliant DVD clip that is a system clip. Take that clip and burn it as a non-standard SVCD with Nero and viola you have an almost DVD quality segment to play on your standalone. The only problem might be that your player doesn't play SVCD. To check go to the main page, click on the DVD Player list, type in your brand name, find your model, and it should report what your player can play and at what bit rates. I would also suggest that you read the FAQ on the site and the guides for more information.
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