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  1. I am a complete newbie and I have one quick question.

    I managed to burn an AVI using NERO and it works as a VCD in my DVD player. The quality of it is marginal and I would like to shrink the size of the picture - similar to you do with the windows media player. If I do this then burn it the video will be smaller on the TV but should be a bit crisper.

    Can this be done and if so which software should I use ? Thanks for any advice !
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    Good question. If you have used TMPGEnc you can follow the simple guidelines below, if not go to the tutorial on TMPGEnc and read it first and then come back here.
    1. Load your AVI clip in TMPGEnc
    2. Click the "settings" button
    3. Click the "advanced" button
    4. Double click "clip frame"
    5. Click on the middle button, I can't remeber what it is
    6. Make the aspect ration "center-custom"
    7. Now using the buttons there you can arrange the video to look like you want i.e. widescreen bars etc.
    8. Make sure after you hit ok that "clip frame" is checked under the "advanced" tab
    9. Being a good student who takes tests well you have read this all the way through FIRST before trying these things because before you start the entire process make sure you load the appropriate template for your VCD i.e. NTSC VCD, that way even if you change the demensions that are encoded you still get an overall compliant image size

    Have fun.
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  3. hmmm..I think what you want to do instead is to use TMPGenc to encode your mpg into a smaller ratio. start up your proggie, go up to "File" on the taskbar, and choose "New Project." Then go to the bottom and click the settings button. From there you can choose the aspect ratio that you want to encode it at. Very simple. Even a complete newbie like you can do it You won't be able to make a vcd out of it, but it'll play fine on computers.
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  4. Oh, I see now what you want to do. never mind
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  5. Wow, that worked perfectly thanks !

    One last thing (hehe). I have fiddled around with TMPGenc and I want to be able to do lots of MPGs and AVIs at once. In other words convert like 20 files over night and have 20 VCD files ready in the morning type thing.

    Right now I can only figure out how to do one at a time which would be a bit of a pain... is there a method to do a bunch at a time ?

    Thanks again.
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  6. You can start mutiple copy of TMPGenc and load each one with an input file.
    The last TMPGenc will process and complete the file and just hold, the previous
    one will got the cpu time and proces, and so on.
    So I normally startabout 7 or 8 copies over night, and click them close in the next morning.
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  7. Cool, figured it out thanks a lot.
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  8. Yeah, I do the same thing that SingSing does. Sometimes I get as many as 15 going at once, but I got a monster computer, tho.
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  9. Hi All,

    If you are looking for the same 'End Product' on each mpg why not just 'Batch Process'?

    Mark W.
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