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    Hello everyone

    I have just digitised our family's Super VHS-C and VHS-C tapes using our old JVC GR-SX51 (with TBC) and it worked wonderfully using my Mac Pro and an Infinity Pro (non-4K) card.

    Now I'd like to do the same with old Video8, Hi8 and VHS tapes, but the problem is that both our old Sony camcorder and our VCR have given up the ghost. And so I'm looking for a Sony Handycam with TBC and a VCR.

    It then struck me that I might be able to run a VCR's signal through the camcorder and get the benefit of TBC. Was that functionality ever offered on Sony's CCD-TR/TRV models or was only found on Digital8 (DCR) models?

    I am asking because I'm a bit interested in also using the camcorder for analogue video (as bizarre as that possibly sounds in 2024, but I hope it's OK to geek out a bit in this forum).

    I've also read on this board that some higher end Sony camcorders used an unusual audio format, 32htz 8bit pcm. Do you know which models had that?

    In an ideal world I'd get a Hi8 capable camcorder, with TBC and pass through, plus stereo recording (without unusual audio format) and the necessary outputs to connect to my Infinity pro (Component, S-Video or Composite outs). If it also has night shot that would be cool of course

    I know, Christmas is far off but that's the wishlist.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions
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    Only D8 for passthrough.

    Passthrough only works because you input video using the analogue ports and output it via Firewire, so you can't "in and out" analogue video.

    Have a look at my page here. There's a link to the wiki which lists the appropriate D8 camcorders for your task.

    Nothing wrong at all with passing through VHS to DV, especially if you are in PAL land with the better colour system.
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