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  1. I have some Dutch VTT subtitles that I would like to translate into English. Iíve been using SubtitleEdit v4.0.6 to do that until I started experimenting using different services. I started with Google but then went down the list of options available until I received an error that will not go away with SE v4.0.6. That aside does anyone have any input on the, for the lack of a better word, quality of translation with any of the following SE options? Some of the listings have been cut off with ... because I had to increase my system font size due to poor vision and when one does that print doesnít seem to fit in text boxes. No biggie.

    Iím curious about the ChatGPT option. How good is it. One needs an API in order to use it. The cheapest ChatGPT API is $20/month but I donít know if that allows translation.

    Google Translate V...
    Google Translate V...
    Bing Microsoft
    DeepL V2
    My Memory
    LM Studio
    Anthropic Claude
    Google Gemini
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    Did the Dutch vtt come originally from Dutch audio and do they match exactly the spoken words?
    If you have the original audio in any other language apart from Dutch, then you can try transcribing it using Whisper AI. You might get more accurate transcription. Whisper AI also has the option to translate instead of transcribe, but I am not sure if they do a better job than google translate.
    If Google translation is not good enough then you need to have a professional translator. Freelancers website has many professional translators who will be happy to do such a job. You will have too many offers so look for the individual professional translators they tend give you a better service and are cheaper.
    I don't have experience with any other options that you listed, but you can give DeepL a try.
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    This thread may have the solutions that you need.

    1. Excel VBA Google translate no longer working.
    2. On line solution.
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