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  1. Hi... How are you?

    I use often Staxrip for downscaling some movies from 1080p to 720p. I use everytime Spline64Resize, because I like the sharpened result, but I have to downscale an old movie without the sharpening and the denoising of Spline64Resize. The problem is that when I downscale this movie with Spline64Resize, it remove all the grain. What is the best downscaler in Staxrip that can I use for downscale a movie from 1080p to 720p keeping the details similar to the original video (with the same grain)?
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    I would be surprised if Spline64Resize really had a denoising behaviour. But in general, every scaling kernel will affect the content with more or less smoothing or sharpening, the latter with possible ringing artifacts. There used to be an interactive visualisation of the kernels in the ResampleHQ website (but is nearly abandoned today); here is a mirror: point at the colorful names of the kernels to see their graphs highlighted. Some of them are part of the Avisynth kernel, others only available by loading the ResampleHQ plugin.

    In my experience, Spline16Resize is a quite convenient and rather neutral kernel.
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  3. might also be interesting.
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  4. Ok, thank you.
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