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  1. I have some Verbatim life series but I've read on here that their quality can be good or bad. The most important part being that they were made in a factory with poor quality control.

    So I have bid for 100ct Verbatim AZO line on ebay right now.

    I also have 100ct Maxwell Maxdata DVD+R. These should be ok?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Depends on what you want

    I've used Riteks for years for DVDs and A-One are ok for CDs

    Biggest issue you'll get is burning too fast will cause issues later, I burn x8 maximum for everything but media manufacturers and DVD/blu-ray companies only seem to promote how fast they can burn discs on their hardware. Trying to find minimum burn speeds can take some searching

    I still use IMGBurn even though its had no updates for some considerable time. The software concentrates on burn quality but can also burn discs as fast as your hardware can allow.

    I use EZ CD for creating audio CD's, but burn no faster than x8
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    I looked at some old CD-R's I recorded in 2002, FujiFilm/Taiyo Yuden.
    Recorded on a Sony crx120E (no longer working),
    They look and read as if they were just out of a pack and recorded today.
    Nero's DiskSpeed app confirms their integrity
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    I have used in the past Verbatim DVD-RW SERL 2x Certified. Over the past few weeks I was busy transferring the contents to HDD and formatting the disks. So I have now a stack of a LOT of disks in their original jewel box that I am not going to use in the future and can offer to sell them.
    Judging by the quality of the transferred content, I can only say they were a good choice at the time.
    I have also Verbatim DVD-R unused packs of 50.
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    Long ago answered and settled.

    With the exception of Verbatim AZO and Taiyo-Yuden, brand name means nothing. What matters is the media info:, as brand names such as Maxell have long used different suppliers for their discs.

    Lordsmurf created a list of the different tiers of blank media years ago: Note that only Verbatim and Taiyo-Yuden remain and they are exclusively made by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan, who brought out their name and formulas. With the possible exception of some very market limited in non-Asian countries, the only DVD manufacturing factories left are in Taiwan, primarily CMC Magnetics and Ritek.

    Ritek has always been 2nd tier and prior to buying out the Verbatim DVD name and Taiyo-Yuden, CMC Magnetics only made 2nd tier (at best) media, including the Verbatim Life Series before they acquired Verbatim. The Life Series is always 2nd tier at best.

    The OP is right by choosing Verbatim AZO. But be sure the AZO logo is on the packaging as Verbatim, again, even before the acquisition had misleading packaging of some of their products:

    Burn speed is half the rated speed, so 8X for current 16X discs. And only use ImgBurn as 9/10 reported burn issues are caused by the burning software.

    DVD burning is essentially dead. Perhaps useful for specialized cases like the OP's, but little else. Personally, I haven't burned any type of optical disc in over a decade. Too small, too slow and too expensive compared to hard drives in the U.S.
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