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  1. Hi, I have burned some VCD's and they play on my PC
    but the DVD just says no disc. can someone help.
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  2. That could be due to a number of things. Are you sure your player will play VCDs? Most do. If so, what type of media are you using? Can your player read Cdr or Cdrw? What brand? If you haven't looked up your player on the DVD player list, it would be a good start. That might shed some light on your problem. It seems to me that the type of media is the most common problem.
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  3. thx for the reply. I have tried a number of types of media
    but none work. it does play audio cdrs though.
    Should a vcd just autoplay on a standalone player.

    Please help.
    I read the list and it says it cant play cdr cdrw but it does as audio works
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  4. Sad news...I looked up your player and it won't play CDR or CDRW according to the reviews. Check this out:

    It probably only plays commercial VCDs. My experience with Hitachi's are they suck for compatibility. I have a friend who has one and his won't play jack.
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    Don't confuse audio cd-r's with video cd-r's - they are different.

    If it says in the list that your DVD Player cannot read CD-R's it means that it can't read Video files on CD-R.
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  6. Thx for the help guys. Looks like I'm F*$ked.
    Some of the guys reporting on this player said that
    they were able to use cdr VCD's
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    try Mr. Write CD-RW 4X. It works on most DVD players which do not accept Princo CD=r & CD-RW.
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