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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to see how hard it would be to set up tools to
    get someone going for these projects below running on osX:


    FreeVine (discontinued, but still works)


    UK-FTA | UK-Free-to-Air-Downloader

    DRM free content downloader WideFrog


    And maybe even do a "Guide" similar to one for:
    - Windows -
    - Linux -

    but have a few questions before I embark on such a journey as it will be all new to me:

    - Does anyone over here tried/does emulate osX under Linux (using libvirt)?
    - What MAJOR version is that?
    - Are there any restrictions on what can/can not work reliably under the emulation?
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    I use to compile and test my programs, but due to the lack of drivers it is very slow. Especially the lack of graphics drivers makes the experience very tedious. It works for me because I usually do everything with the command line.
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