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  1. I am wondering if there are any drag and drop “Job/Que/Batch” based workflows that combine two separate mono audio tracks that are part of a video file into one stereo track with one of those tracks being assigned as Left channel and the other assigned as Right Channel?

    I’ve heard of exporting the audio separately and using something like an audio editor (like audacity) to do this and then re-muxing the new audio file back to the video, but this seems extremely tedious if you are working with a bunch of smaller clips.

    Ideally it would be best if the video file remains untouched during this and it would be even better if there’s a Mac and Windows solution as I do use both on occasion. The file I’m currently working with is ProRes 422, but I’m sure this could apply to any video file where the left and right audio got encoded to separate mono tracks.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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  2. Thanks! I think something like that is what I'm looking for - I'll have to learn a bit more about FFmpeg to get a little better handle on it.

    Would be curious to know if anyone has heard of a "less command line" based way to do it as well, but that looks like a good option as a backup.
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