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  1. Hello! I've been wanting to digitize a bunch of old Betamax tapes in order to preserve the commercials that are on them. I'm using a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD adapter along with OBS. My player is a Sanyo Beta Hifi machine I purchased from Mr. Betamax a little under a year ago.

    My problem is that while playback looks perfect on my TV, through the capture device it has this really bad rainbow banding throughout the top half of the picture, that seems to come and go. Attached is a picture of what I mean. Image
    [Attachment 79859 - Click to enlarge]

    Does anyone know of a way to solve this? I'd prefer not to have to spend tons of money, as this really is just a hobby. I'd just like to get an acceptable result. Thank you in advance.
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    Because the image on TV is fine, the first suggestion is to try another capture card and/or another capture software
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