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  1. 1. When I close the application down after processing a few files I get the message:
    The multiplex settings creating "<No destination file>" have been modified. Do you really want to close? All changes will be lost.

    I have no idea what this message refers to. I simply click “Close Settings” and when I come back everything works fine. I cannot find any "<No destination file>" description anywhere under preferences. I see the Destination file box at the bottom of the application and it goes blank when the multiplexing process is finished. I need some insight on this.

    2. When I load an MKV file into the Source file input box the tracks show in the bottom box. The old MKVTooNix I was using (v7.7.0) had a button to toggle all the tracks on or off. Under v85.0 I have to select a track then (ctl + A) to select all the tracks then right mouse click and select Disable all items. Is that the only way to toggle these tracks on or off?
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  2. 1. It simply says this because you haven't specified an output file for the current multiplex settings. To avoide this simply go to Preferences -> Gui -> Warnings ; and disable "Warn before closing modified tabs"

    2. Right-click anywhere in your "Track chapters and tags" box, and select "Disable all items" You don't have to mark them all first.
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  3. Thank you. Appreciate the help.
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