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  1. I tried to use DMR panasonic as a passthru to reduce lateral skewing of old VHS tapes... this is done prefectly, but the brightness level is changed
    i use as input a composite signal (from various VCRs) and as output , composite, or S-video.. or component (this has completely wrong colors)

    i'm acquiring with 3 different cards (2 blackmagic and 1 osprey)with the same results... the input is taken too bright (or the output is too bright).. well one of them is incorrect

    this is an image about, on the left, original-signal , on center the composite (svideo is same) on right the component.
    i was thinking to reduce brightness of output on svideo adding a resistor... but before doing this i will wait for someone that maybe can help on this situation.

    [Attachment 79838 - Click to enlarge]

    so.. 2 different DRM, how is possible that panasonic has not spotted that issue? (tried also using SCART adapter.. without any success)
    tried also unsing an S-video input from a panasonic AG7350 ... but same
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  2. meanwhile i tried adding resistance on luminance out signal...

    [Attachment 79846 - Click to enlarge]

    looks like that the brightness details are lost directly on input....

    on attachments 200 ohms 250 ohms and 300 ohms
    300ohm on right is reddish... the 250 ohm looks better..but still to bright.

    [Attachment 79849 - Click to enlarge]

    here 267 ohms seems a little bit too much brighter

    [Attachment 79848 - Click to enlarge]

    on this one.. 284 ohm seems a little bit highter, image is again redish and maybe a little bit darker.. maybe with 278/280 ohms...
    probably i need to reduce a bit the source signal and a bit the output signal... (both)
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  3. In a first step you should tweak the proc amp settings (lower the darks) of your capture card(s) and then try some color adjustments rather than fiddling with external resistors which possibly just spoil the impedance.
    Actually I don't see a levels problem other than elevated darks. The loss of details in the (over)brights is probably on the source.
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  4. (fixed the issue on component output.. one of the connector was oxided)

    tried with software arrangments (lowering Y by 0.18 / 0.20 ) on the Blackmagic cards (just to have same brightness)
    but some details are completely vanished( on high brightness spots )

    [Attachment 79865 - Click to enlarge]

    look at the t-shirt....

    using a fully recapped AVE5 from panasonic these detailes are grabbed correctly by the card... (but i hate the AVE5 because it cut edges of the signal making some sort of unwanted zoom)
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  5. The Original looks like progressive video (?), while the component looks interlaced. A valid comparison is difficult. Also, the component has clipped BLUE which may result in some loss of details. In the original the BLUE is not clipped it seems.
    (The dark level looks still elevated (too grey) to me).
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  6. going crazy with these EUROPEAN DMR units....
    just bought another DMR .. and still the same, connecting a VCR (any kind) to all the inputs of DMR , is making an output (passthrough) with a change on contrast (white spots become bigger... loosing some light-grey details around white)

    searched for service manual.... but it's showing
    just a 100 ohms resistor (R3038) and a transistor 2SB1218A0L (Q3007) before the VIN on the main C1AB00001918 ( also a cap C3017 0.01 )

    basically the video signal is entering immediately on the IC3001 (C1AB00001918 ) and there is nothing to set on EUROPEAN firmwares to change the "amplification/contrast/brightness" of the video input.

    [Attachment 80439 - Click to enlarge]
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    you have to reduce the brightness before the signal goes into the Panasonic DMR.

    Here in german language:
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  8. Originally Posted by Bogilein View Post
    you have to reduce the brightness before the signal goes into the Panasonic DMR.
    Just made the "attenuation" filter, the signal become darker (and a little bit reddish).. the details are now grabbed correctly, but also using the Blackmagic acquisition Luma change ( +0.39 ) i can restore the brightness , but due to the "hardware filter" there is also a missing contrast... the final result is lacking contrast.
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