years ago when 4k first started becoming a thing, there used to be a company that was either called harmonic, harmonics, or harmonix and later changed their name to elemental, i think.

this company used to have a bunch of really nice videos on their website, half where prores 4k 60 fps and half were avc 4k 60 fps.

i used to have them backed up but they seem to be gone, i think i messed up at some point.

at any rate, near as i can tell, they site that hosted them is long defunct and i can't even find mention of them no matter how much i google or even if i use a different search engine.

this is a long shot but would anyone here know the samples i am talking about and know of someplace where they may be available?

i have to believe that that somewhere on the planet someone has them sitting on a server somewhere that is publicly accessible,