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  1. I have this movie source that has this kind of ghosting effect every 4 and 5 frame, it says it's MBAFF encoded and interlaced but the output is progressive and doens't has any combing effect. To my knowledge, it looks as if they just deinterlaced this telecined movie which called really for a IVTC, and then got this way. Is there any way of minimizing this effect/then return to 23.976 fps? TDecimate() on this source, often leaves both of the ghosting frames in, i thought it could at least drop the fps and leave just 1 of these 2, but after examining in in avspmod it doens't really work out. Sample (cut losslessly using avidemux):

    Since this ins't really interlaced all the code i have so far is
    Crop(240, 0, -232, -0)
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  2. FixBlendIVTC() and TDecimate() in AviSynth.
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    Nice, Jagabo.
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  4. Thank you jagabo. Worked out perfectly.
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  5. It's not always perfect. Things like edits after being telecined, compression artifacts, etc. can cause it to screw up now and then. It worked pretty well with your source though.
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