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  1. Hi all. First time posting here.

    I'm not sure what I'm trying to learn has a name. It has black background, and on the foreground there are a numbers of columns/pillars representing the window look.

    Example :

    Usually the freedom of this is you can edit the content of the what's inside of the rectangle panels.

    Here's one of the best example using this style.

    Eventually I hope to find a tutorial showing how to do this. I'm a beginner.

    Thanks a lot everyone.
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  2. It's called an "overlay". The foreground pillar layer is placed "on top" of the background. The slots are "transparent", so the bottom background layer (the "rectangular panels") show through . In that example, there is a 3rd layer on top of the pillars, because the black pillars are partially covered

    Usually this is done in a video editor (there are many free ones like shotcut, kdenlive)

    Because the pillar layer is static (it' s not animated) , you can use a still image such as a PNG with alpha channel. The alpha channel is required for the transparency. You can make this in an image edtior such as gimp, photoshop
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