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  1. Hi everyone,

    1 year ago I bought a cheap USB HDMI capture card with a MS2130 chipset. I was not satisfied by it and it as too late to return it to the seller as it took more than 1 month to arrive.

    I already had a cheap USB HDMI capture card with a MS2109 chipset and was satisfied by it. But it only captures MJEG and I would have like YUV (and it is posssible with MS2130.

    Searching on github, I found some firmware for the MS2130 but I don't know how to fash it on the USB capture card to see if it improves the problems I encountered.

    Does any of you know how to flash a firmware on this?

    Best regards
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    I wouldn't try and flash a crappy capture card,it will still be the same,just look in the threads here for a better capture device.
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