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    I'm converting some mini DV tapes to my computer and I'm not happy with the quality. What would be the best device to purchase that will give me the best quality. My old home videos are on VHS tapes, Hi8 and mini DV, is there a device that can give great quality of picture and sound?
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    What method/workflow do/did you use to get your DV footage onto your PC?

    If you're "transferring" from your DV camcorder to your PC with Firewire, you won't get any better, and it WILL be good. It will not be "bad quality" unless the tape recording itself, or the camcorder, are bad.

    There are a few options, each one with different requirements.

    Some questions:
    Does your PC have a Firewire port?

    If not, can your open the case and insert a PCIe card?

    What operating system/Windows version are you using?
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  3. Man, that is such a broad question. The question you should be asking is how much time and money do you want to spend to do these conversions.
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