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  1. Hi,

    I have experience with Cyberlink Powerdirector on Windows. I recently switched to Mac. There are two features about Powerdirector I liked a lot:

    1/ The "storyboard" feature, that shows every clip on the timeline as one icon of the same size, regardless of the length of each clip. This made it very easy to first order the clips like I wanted, before starting to cut them. Far more manageable than doing this on a "traditional" timeline.
    Alas, Powerdirector has recently removed this feature so purchasing Powerdirector for Mac is not an option for me.

    2/ The ability to select one clip and trim it, resulting in several smaller clips. I mean: I take one clip, I get a pop-up windows that allows me to do a "multi trim", I set in/out markers on the parts that I want to keep, and when I click "ok" I'll be left with a number of individual clips but not the parts that I discarded. (hope that's clear).

    Would you have recommendations for software that can do this on a Mac? I don't mind paying for software as long as the price is reasonable. I looked into several options but I cannot seem to find what I want.
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  2. Hi, sorry personally I don't work on Mac

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    Thread moved to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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