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  1. I'm using Subtitle edit to fix subtitles that are only available in ALL CAPS (a pet peeve of mine). I'm getting the hang of it.

    - Tools / Change casing / check [Normal casing, Sentences begin with uppercase letter. / Fix names casing] / OK / OK
    - Spell Check (because many character names are not in the reference file and this catches them) / Spell check

    My question is, when I come to something like " . . . judge neimann . . . " 'neimann' is flagged as a spelling error. I can correct the capitalization and click all, BUT when 'judge' is linked to the name, it should also be capitalized. What I am doing is 'Edit whole text' then change both. Is there a way I can add 'Judge Neimann' so I can automate it but not affect lines like "We should ask the judge"? This has also come up with characters like Coach Stebins, Captain Picard and a couple of others as well as company names such as "Marsden Technologies".

    As soon as I got back to work, I came across a.d.a (assistant district attorney) should be A.D.A. I've seen other similar abbreviations that I would like to add where capitalization is required.
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  2. make a list of all from and to

    loop through the list with regex

    sed -e "s#judge neimann#Judge Neimann#g"
    sed -e "s#a.d.a#A.D.A#g"

    add more
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