When I try and cut using -c copy it makes the cut at either the beginning or the end of the keyframe, depending. They round it off. That makes sense, I wouldn't expect it to do otherwise, though for some reason it is frame accurate when it comes to VOB files or a MKV made from VOB files. Curious, but useful if you know how to seal an open GOP. But I digress, if on the other hand I don't use -c copy it will encode the entire video. I want a third option, some programs support something called "Smart Rendering" a process where a part of the last keyframe at the beginning of the cutpoint, and the first keyframe at the end of the cutpoint are cut, sealed together and encoded. They join the two keyframe halfs (with open GOP) and then perform the encode, so it only encodes once and only encodes the single keyframe. So those two keyframe halfs become one keyframe and are then attached to the rest of the video using -c copy, in which case only the one keyframe at the cutpoint need be encoded at all. It's faster that other methods, frame accurate, and preserves quality better than any other method, but I have no clue how to do it with FFMPEG. My goto program for this is called Smart Cutter, but it doesn't work on every format the way FFMPEG does. So my question is this: Does FFMPEG natively support this? Many programs do, but if it doesn't then it might still be accomplished with a script, but I don't want to waste my time if it's already possible with simpler means. I might even consider switching to a different program, as long as it supports most formats.