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  1. Can some please tell me how to make a SVCD with the ALI RADEON 32meg card?
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  2. I had fantastic results with an ATI AIW Radeon 32MB DDR, but it wasn't as simple as I can capture for regular (X)VCD/MPEG1.

    I captured at 10 Mbits/sec, 720x480 to get a really good "source". I also captured using only I-frames.

    The resulting 26.5 minute capture grew to 1.95 GBytes. I then used TMPGEnc to convert that very high quality "source" into standard SVCD using the Super Video CD template that gets delivered with TMPGEnc. The result came to about 580 MBytes after squeezing the picture size to 480x480 and 2.6 MBits.

    The results were better than I expected. But it's disappointing that I had to post-process with TMPGEnc, since I bought the Radeon for real-time capture in the first place. I had hoped that I could capture and burn immediately, as I'm able to do with the (X)VCDs I capture, but SVCD is a different animal so far as far as ATI is concerned. Maybe with MMC 7.2 they'll give us a straight SVCD capture capability.
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  3. just set up your own profile, the quality is actually very good if your machine is fast enough

    important NTSC settings:
    MPEG-2 480x480 VBR
    Deinterlace (if you don't the ATI captures look terrible)
    no visual masking
    IBP 4P/2B (15/3)
    bitrate 2.27 Mbps

    Motion estimation
    128x128, 100% (fast action movies/scenes) or
    64x64, 100% (slow/still movies/scenes)

    run these through the 'fix12c.exe' utility (search the forums for the link, i don't have it on me now) to set the SDE flags to v480 h480 so they display right on a dvd player (esp pioneer)

    drag and burn in nero.

    you can use TMPG to cut them to the proper size, but make sure you use a newer version. i've had good luck with 12f but not with original 12 cutting VBR
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