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  1. I got external burner LG BE06LU10 and I tried burning Verbatim BD-R 25 GB 6x in imgburn but I get this error:

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    This is the first time I burn blu-rays. I got latest driver installed and i set burn speed at 2x. I tried other blank bd-rs (same Verbatim BD-R 25GB 6x) but same error. Drive reads blu-rays fine. What could be the problem?
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    your blanks are cmcmag-ba5-000. they use cheap outdated and mostly no longer used lth dye. try some other bdr.
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  3. So they sold me lth under htl? Clearly says htl on bill.

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  4. I look for BD Disc Information in imgburn, it says htl:

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  5. I manage to write BD-R with solution in previous link. The problem was one wrong letter in firmware which cause problems.
    Here is solution in english.
    Use this solution ONLY if your drive is LG BE06LU10, LG GGW-H20N or LG GGW-H20L and ONLY if you trying to write to CMCMAG-BA5-000.

    1.) Download zip from:

    2.) Unzip

    3.) Open CMD and position in folder where you unzip flasher.exe

    4.) Type:
    flasher -D
    This will list your drive devices.

    5.) Type:
    flasher -d 1 -m main_firmware.bin
    Where 1 is drive id number. This will dump current firmware into folder where you put flasher.exe.

    6.) Open dumped firmware in HEX editor (I used and search for BB5. Change BB5 into BA5 and save into folder with flasher.exe.

    7.) In CMD type:
    flasher.exe --checksum main_firmware_modified.bin
    Where main_firmware_modified is name of modified file in HEX editor.

    8.) In CMD type:
    flasher.exe -d 1 -f main_firmware_modified.bin
    Where 1 is drive id number.

    9.) Wait for flashing process to finish, unplug USB and power and again plug.

    10) Write BD-R without errors
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