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  1. So i recently tried to use VobSub subtitles instead for movies on my Samsung tv (because it shows a white text with no outline or any kind of styles and hard to read)

    and whatever i do the TV just don't respect the positioning or outline color only the size (it shows a grey white outline and subtitles at bottom of the screen)

    I use subtitle edit to adjust styles and export .ass file
    Then with EasySup i convert it to PGS
    And with Bdsup2sub i convert it to VobSub

    Other notes:
    1-my TV don't support PGS or .ass with styles
    2-i tried to import VobSub directly from subtitle edit showed same thing (+lower quality)
    3-also tried to use .srt file directly on EasySup and adjust styles from there
    4- tried a VobSub subtitles that was already imbedded in a video "didn't make it"
    5- the subtitles work fine on my PC and every other device i use

    So if there is anything i could do about this i would appreciate any help, and thank you all 🙏
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  2. How old is your Samsung TV? I have a 4 year old Samsung and I have no problem with displaying .SRT subtitles. I can choose the size, color, font, background., boarder. However, I cannot display VOBSUB subtitles. My TV will only display the first VOB subtitle line. After that, nothing, so I am forced to use SRT subtitles. What does your manual say about subtitles?
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  3. unfortunately i don't have access to the manual right now but the the model is 2014-2015 , and as for .srt settings it only allow me to change size
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