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  1. With ffmpeg-gui i can cut without reencoding (i believe). Is there any tool (gui) which can "merge" two (actually 3) videos together and without reencoding ?

    If not: Do you know any tool (gui) which can do it with encoding? I do NOT like tools like Davinci or this stuff. I like more stuff like Hybrid or Virtualdub and so on. Maybe you know what i mean. And for sure i search for free software.

    I have a video which is shorter than the original (but it is better quality). So that means i have to cut-off the parts (at start and end) from the original (the one are missed) and then "stick" it to the start and end of the better quality version.
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  2. mkvtoolnix can append videos if their formats are compatible.
    ffmpeg with transport stream output probably can append nearly everything that is allowed in transport streams,...
    (but I guess most players will not play back such content properly,...)

    I do NOT like tools like Davinci or this stuff.
    If you reencode and don't like NLEs, you could write your own Avisynth or Vapoursynth script, or if you are adventurous write some complex ffmpeg filtergraph.
    If you got a gui for that, you basically got an NLE, but that apparently is what you don't want. (a gui like Davinci resolve) \_(ツ)_/

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    Shutter Encoder Merges videos without re-encoding. It is free.
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  4. to come back to that topic (i had to solve other problems with the videos before):

    I tried it now with ffmpeggui, mkvtoolnix and shutter encoder. With ffmpeggui it does not work at all. after the first video it does "freeze", so it does not play further. mkvtoolnix works somehow, but on the video it occurs a stutter on the position where the new video should actually be merged. So i can't use that.

    With Shutter encoder it does work better, but when i import this video into virtualdub, it does crash on some of the frames. So sth is wrong there.

    This is all done with videos which were encoded with same encoding-settings (h.264 same settings + mp4 and same audio (aac) and same settings).

    When i use the .avi file which were created by virtualdub (because i had to cut them perfectly to allign perfectly), it does work even worse.

    Then i tried davinci, but i do not like this tool. Like all these "NLEs" there is not that much options. I can't even choose crf... But at the end it did mess up the video anyway so...

    Is there maybe another tool which can do it with a encode? Then i could do it after a lossless-encode with hybrid or before, but then it would need to handle .avi and pcm audio and output it lossless.

    Any idea?
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    Give Avidemux a try
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  6. If nothing helps try this (it reencodes everything though):
    - Unzip the attached file to your desktop
    - Multiple select the files which you want to merge in explorer and drag and drop them alltogether onto the icon on your desktop
    - a new file "all_joined.mp4" will be created

    Note: Script is for progressive video. For interlaced video the encoding commandline has to be modified accordingly.
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  7. Originally Posted by Platos View Post
    Any idea?
    Check properties of those 2 videos. Are they the same, like frame rate, scan type, color primaries, aspect ratio, etc? If not then some needs re-encoding to bo at least compatible with another.
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