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  1. I missed a couple of updates from 4.01 and just got them. Are there noticeable improvements in the Whisper model? It looks like SE and Purfview have spent considerable time on it from the log notes. What is the preferred model to use with old style AMD Phenom processor?
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    That's old CPU, probably you will be limited on RAM too. Basically you don't want to use smaller model than medium.
    Btw, Faster-Whisper-XXL is a bit faster for CPUs.
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  3. I have another setup which is an AMD Ryzen on a low level Asus Ryzen board. Right now that setup is not active. I need a new monitor
    for it. That runs Win 10. Those things may be needed for adequate performance or even downloads of the model through SE. I had a problem getting a model on the old Win7 setup. It gave an error. I asked SE about it.
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