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  1. Neither my player which is Daum Potplayer or Subtitle Edit's internal player show the highlighted text in the text box in this screen shot.

    It's an alternate subtitle with a warning to the viewer and so appear (I guess) in another color.

    Certainly the Subtitle Edit player should be able to show color-- or not?
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  2. Solved: VLC shows the color subs as promised. I don't know what the answer to the original question of color in Subtitle Edit might be but VLC plays them. This was not one of my subs-- it came from a source.
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  3. Don't count on players to support features like color, font size, position, etc. in SRT files. Especially outside a PC.
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  4. @jagabo,

    Thanks for answering.

    But in a program like Subtitle Edit there would be no way to proof your work. I never tried to code color or position in subtitles. And in the piece shown I opted not to use the highlighted version as being distracting. There was a plain and "edited" SRT offered. A peculiar use and I did not see that it helped anything.
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